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    Idea ! :)

    April 22, 2014 by SrdjaNNN

    Hello to all ROTI players,i have some ideas and i want to share with you.

    If someone of you guys can contact creators of ROTI and suggest them to create log in into game by email and password,because a lot of us will change their phones.or it's not working and must repair it,so system will be reistalled,and just lost all that,we spend to much time on farimng all that and we can lose it.So if they give us that we can just log in at other phone device or something.

    And one more thing,if we can sell fighters that we don't need,that will be awesome,I have about 100 fighters that i don't need.They should set different prices on figters selling price.

    I think that  this will help everyone :)

    Peace brothers,enjoy playing ROTI!!!

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