Spams on a google search

How to know someone is spamming or vandalizing. There are many Spams and Vandalizations  in the wiki world. Let's go over some to keep the info and the work of the contributers safe.Also, to keep this wiki "Clean". First , let's go over things that are legal to do on this site.Here are things we CAN do on this wiki.
  • Contribute, share your knowledge and facts with the wiki.
  • Express you opinion, whether you like the subject or not.(In a decent and desired way)                                                               
  • Be creative , make Blogs,Posts ,Threads .(must be appropriate .Cannot be anything to do with: Religion,Race,Nation,Politics,Harassment or attracting user/s)
  • Be active , help the wiki as much as you can.
  • Inspire or be inspired. Let other people know about your story and make people happy and inspired.

However, many users find spamming, vandalizing or breaking the rule, fun.  They find it a game, but in reality, it is not. It is NOT A JOKE. Here are some things we CANNOT do:

  • Spam, usually posting a request more than once , with the intention to benefit the user.For example, posting a friend request multiple times so the user(s) can have more friends on Knights and Dragons.This unacceptable and may lead to a block.
  • Vandalizing, vandalizing includes inserting gibberish into pages to deleting and moving multiple pages. It may at first, lead to a warning but then will if it's done repeatedly, then it will certainly lead to a block.
  • Swearing, cussing ,adding inappropriate pictures and being racist on this wiki, is strictly prohibited. It will mostly lead to a block.
  • Making childish acts that are not considered appropriate" on this wiki such as: Wiki marriage,spreading rumours that this contributor "likes" that contributor . For a typical anon , it'll usually be a warning .However ,if it was a person who has the user rights: Admins,Rollbacks,Chat moderators and wiki moderators (especially chat and wiki mods) they may be demoted under a Wiki Vote , or a bureaucrat can demote them individually.
  • Sock Puppet, sock puppetry is when, someone makes multiple accounts with the intention of making a benefit for themselves like: If it was a vote for them to get user rights, they make countless amount of accounts so they can make the user write "support". Also , if it was a demotion vote and the user did not like the user who was going to be demoted, he would make multiple account to make the user write "oppose" or "demote".Sock puppetry will automaticly lead to a block
  • Harassement. Harassing a user is by cyber bulling a specific individual, race, culture or, religion. On wikia, this is considered inappropriate and may lead do disabling a users account globally from wikia

If you know someone who does this, please inform the wiki immediately so , that they can take immediate action. You can also post it here.