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     How to know someone is spamming or vandalizing. There are many Spams and Vandalizations  in the wiki world. Let's go over some to keep the info and the work of the contributers safe.Also, to keep this wiki "Clean". First , let's go over things that are legal to do on this site.Here are things we CAN do on this wiki.

    • Contribute, share your knowledge and facts with the wiki.
    • Express you opinion, whether you like the subject or not.(In a decent and desired way)                                                               
    • Be creative , make Blogs,Posts ,Threads .(must be appropriate .Cannot be anything to do with: Religion,Race,Nation,Politics,Harassment or attracting user/s)
    • Be active , help the wiki as much as you can.
    • Inspire or be inspired. …
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    Anti-Spam Service

    March 14, 2014 by Kuby101

    You will receive a badge when you clean up a certain amount of spams/vandals

    • For 5 spams/vandal cleanup = Regular badge
    • For 10 spams/vandal cleanup = Bronze badge
    • For 50 spams/vandal cleanup = Silver badge
    • For 75 spams/vandal cleanup = Gold badge
    • For 100 spams/vandal cleanup = ELITE badge

    Sign up below and start cleaning spams/vandals

    • Multiple friend codes on friend page from the same person (same with guild on guild page)===
    • Friend codes on guild page and vice versa
    • Friend codes/guild names on other pages

    • Intimidating behaviour/harassment
    • Swearing
    • Inappropriate comments
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    This text is stored on Wikia Community Central. Suggest changes here.

    [hide]#Local level

      1. Registered users
      2. Autoconfirmed users
      3. Emailconfirmed users
      4. Rollbackers
      5. Chat moderators
      6. Administrators
      7. Bureaucrats
      8. Founders
      9. Bots
      10. CheckUsers
    1. Global level
      1. VSTF
      2. Helpers
      3. Staff
      4. Utilities
      5. Wikia Stars
      6. Admin Mentors
      7. Authenticated
      8. Volunteer Developers
      9. Community Council
    2. How do you grant admin rights to another user?
    3. Why can't I give another user privileges?
    4. What can't blocked users do?
    5. How can I find different users?
    6. Can user rights messages be edited?

    All Wikia contributors have access to read and contribute to all of our wikis. A number of special user roles also exist on Wikia with advanced user rights, in order to help prevent spam and vandalism. Below is a description of these rights.


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  • Kuby101

    Profile Page Squad (PPS)

    March 14, 2014 by Kuby101

    Do you have a boring profile? Do you want it to turn it into a awesome profile? Are you greeting excessive vandals on you profile page and want to protect it? Then the P.P.S (Profile page squad) is right for you.

    The PPS is right for you if.. { if you meet one if the qualifications than it is for you}
    • If you want to change your old profile page into a cool one.
    • If you have excessive vandals on your profile page
    • If you want to protect it

    Note: You can only protect you Profile Page if you have a vandal history on your page of OTHER users. if this is not the case then it is violating the Wikia's terms of use

    Post here to request/join the PPS.

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