Hi all, I just thought it may be helpful for some newer players to read through this quick and simple guide on how to properly start off and do well!

Beginning the game

Start off by always using up energy to do the highest stage that you can. If you can't do a stage, do the one before it. Continue this until you are a few levels into the game. Don't worry about PvP Arena at all, and do Epic Boss but NEVER spend Cash on either for a while to come. It is not worth spending Cash to get only a few copies of Epic Boss, only use Cash if you are going for 7-8 copies (about 50+ defeats).

Next farm up what I like to call the Big Six. These are all easily aquirable Uncommon fighters which should be levelled the 4-fighter way (explained later on).

(most likely in that order as it will be easier to obtain them that way)

What next?

This is called the 4-fighter way, as it is done using 4 fighters:

  1. Get 4 copies of Dr. Saiphon.
  2. Level all 4 copies to level 30 (max level).
  3. Fuse 2 copies together
  4. Level up the Dr. Saiphon+, and level a regular Dr. Saiphon
  5. Fuse Dr. Saiphon into the Dr. Saiphon+ (make sure that the plus is on the left side of the fusion)
  6. Level the Dr. Saiphon++, and again a regular Dr. Saiphon
  7. Fuse the Dr. Saiphon into the Dr. Saiphon++ (again make sure that the plus is on the left side of the fusion)
  8. You will now have a Dr. Saiphon (Rare) with awesome stats
  9. Repeat for all of the Big Six

This will give you really easy to make and strong "powerhouse uc's" as ClockworkPenguin puts it, and by then you should be able to easily beat the Epic Boss 7-8 times if you try hard. Once you are able to do this train the Epic Boss fighter to a SR using the 8-fighter way. Do not bother unless you can get at least 7 copies, otherwise you may as well be using the Big Six.


Friends can always be of a big benefit to you in helping you through the Storyline. People are constantly posting their codes on the Share:Friend Code page so post yours and you should get a few strong friends to help you.

Other fighters (SR's, UR's)

If you have got the Big Six then do not bother levelling a SR or an UR at all, it will be a waste of fighters and coins. On the other hand if you happen to have multiple copies of an Ultra Rare or a good Super Rare then definitely level and fuse properly, make sure to max both copies before fusion though!