Epic Boss
  Abasi  The Furious Fist  Alice  
The Furious Fist
The furious fist render


Rarity 1 super rare Super Rare
Final Form Rarity Ultra Rare
INF Cost 15
Element Element Lightning
Nemesis Killer Kick

Max Stats

Base Stats

HP 2478 HP 348
Attack 2446 Attack 329
Defence 2629 Defence 435
Speed 2772 Speed 518

The Furious Fist is a Super Rare fighter in Rage of the Immortals, and can be leveled up and placed in your team to fight alongside your others. To learn more about fighters see Fighters. To see a list of other Super Rare fighters see Super Rare. The Furious Fist can also be fused with another The Furious Fist to get a stronger version. Find out more about how fusing fighters works at the Fusion page.

How to ObtainEdit

Training Table:

   SR Base Stats Training Maxed Points SR Maxed LVL Stats
HP 348 492 840
ATK 329 492 821
DEF 435 492 927
SPD 518 492 1010
         2 fighters
   SR + Base Stats Training Maxed Points SR+ Maxed LVL Stats
HP 1008 222 1230
ATK 985 222 1207
DEF 1112 222 1334
SPD 1212 222 1434
         4 fighters
   SR++ Base Stats Training Maxed Points SR++ Maxed LVL Stats
HP 1476 222 1698
ATK 1449 222 1671
DEF 1601 222 1823
SPD 1721 222 1943
         8 fighters
   UR Base Stats Training Maxed Points UR Maxed LVL Stats
HP 2038 441 2479
ATK 2005 441 2446
DEF 2188 441 2629
SPD 2331 441 2772


The Furious Fist is an Epic Boss running from 24th September to the 1st of October 2014. The Furious Fist was alike Simon, in how he was not an Epic Boss sent from Hyperion, but is actually Kai dressed up as a super hero.



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