There are several main NPC's (Non-Player Characters) in Rage of the Immortals, most of which the player is able to recruit and use in their team. 

Main NPC'sEdit

Name How to Obtain Rarity
Mirelda Given at the start of the game Uncommon
Kai Given after defeating Chuck (first battle) Uncommon
Elise Given once unlocked The Sewers Uncommon
Whyson Cannot be obtained
Sylvie Cannot be obtained

Other NPC'sEdit

Name Rarity
Jace Common
Nerio Common
Bogart Uncommon
Master Jade Uncommon
Elan Super Rare
Arlen Uncommon
Grandmaster Mibizi Uncommon
Rith Uncommon
Captain Raske Uncommon
Captain raske npc

Captain Raske appearing as an NPC in a mission

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