Missions are quests given to the player usually by Non-Playable Characters such as Whyson and Sylvie or by characters in your anti-Hyperion team. There are several types of missions:

Regular MissionsEdit

Regular missions generally regard the Storyline and require you to recruit a certain amount of a specific Fighter, defeat a Stage, fight in PvP Arena, fight in Epic Boss, build or upgrade your Buildings or to Train your Fighters to a specific level. They tend to reward experience, CoinsCash, or keys to the Common Van.

PvP MissionsEdit

Each week when the new Tournament is released a new mission related to the tournament is available to complete. These are generally quests such as fighting a certain amount of or completing a full set of opponents.

Epic Boss MissionsEdit

Epic Boss Missions are related to the Epic Boss that is available to fight and will have a story related to the epic boss. For example Shinji's epic boss mission was to defeat him 8 times in order for the characters to figure out what Shinji was hiding beneath his mask. They are limited duration missions and after the Epic Boss leaves the mission will disappear.

Limited Time MissionsEdit

Rage of the Immortals often features Limited Time Missions which will generally run for a duration of 3 days until the mission will expire and you will no longer be able to claim rewards. The first Limited Time Mission was All Out Attack!, and has been followed by many other Limited Time Missions with increasing rewards.

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