Elite apc
The Elite APC costs 30 Cash to open one or 300 Cash to open 11. It includes a limited edition pool of 6 Super Rare and Ultra Rare fighters, including some from previous PvP Arena tournaments and limited edition missions. The Elite APC was an addition in the Rage of the Immortals 1.12 update. The pool of fighters refreshes after a certain amount of days, and a new pool of 6 fighters will be introduced. Although the Elite APC does cost more than the Premium Big Rig, you have a guaranteed chance to get a Super Rare or above, so for those who have large amount of Cash it is reccomended to open 11 of these if you already have duplicates.

List of Elite APC FightersEdit

# Banner
1 Katala Haas  Regal Venatoro Hanako Nobuo
2 Rayne Delgado Ramon Chad Oni Veronika
3 Zui Izumi Hyde Ademia Keme Ryota
Apc week3
4 Jatoori Jungle Creeper Master Rhodochros Jorgan Kieran Elan
Apc week4
5 Fong-Wei Allena Kid Vicious Toko Jin Jammin' Jimmy
Screenshot 2014-07-01-21-19-40(1)
6 Nia, Storm Prodigy Haas Lars Edge Tasha Nobuo
Apc nia haas
7 Izumi Princess Mei Feng Gage William Celine Regal
Apc izumi mei feng
8 Cinaed Tyson Corvina Davis Chad Hyde
Apc cinaed tyson
9 Delgado Oflanagan Gena Vermoor Ramon Venatoro
Apc delgado oflanagan
10 Judith Pain  Oni Hanako Jorgan Veronika
Apc judith pain
11 Sophie Naoki Grek Kieran Ryker Elan
Apc sophie naoki
12 Aiya Cody Graeme Master Rhodochros Jin Esmerelda Lars
Apc aiya cody graeme
13 Duos Allena Katala Edge Tasha Ademia Kang
Apc duos allena katala
14 Wyra Rayne Zui Jammin' Jimmy William Kid Vicious Toko
Wyra banner
15 Aiya Coldfront Oflanagan Battle Ready 001 Nobuo Spitfire Sadie Venatoro
Apc aiya coldfront oflanagan
16 Jeanette Katsuo Delgado Kang Garrote Wire Gabe Esmerelda Grek
Apc jeanette katsuo delgado
17 Ansgar Haas Stone Hammer Regal Veronika Hanako Oni
Apc ansgar haas stone hammer
18 Emma The Roboteer Jatoori Pain Chad Ramon Celine Gage
Apc emma the roboteer jatoori pain

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