Cordelia render


Rarity 1 Legendary Legendary
Final Form Rarity Epic
INF Cost 30
Elements Element WaterElement Shadow
Nemesis None

Max Stats

Base Stats

HP 4023 HP 800
Attack 4308 Attack 965
Defence 4688 Defence 1185
Speed 4541 Speed 1100

Cordelia is a Legendary fighter in Rage of the Immortals, and can be leveled up and placed in your team to fight alongside your others. To learn more about fighters see Fighters. To see a list of other Legendary fighters see Legendary. Cordelia can also be fused with another Cordelia to get a stronger version. Find out more about how fusing fighters works at the Fusion page.

How to ObtainEdit


Cordelia was the last Legendary off the banner to be realeased. She was introduced alike Ansgar; with a 4x chance to recruit Legendary fighters. This event lasted until September 1st 2014.

Training and Fusion Table: (based on spreadsheet calculations, please adjust when final stats are confirmed)

   L Base Stats Training Maxed Points L Maxed LVL Stats
HP 800 692 1492
ATK 965 692 1657
DEF 1185 692 1877
SPD 1100 692 1792
         Full 2 fighter + Maxed
   L + Base Stats Training Maxed Points L+ Maxed LVL Stats
HP 1790 312 2102
ATK 1988 312 2300
DEF 2252 312 2564
SPD 2150 312 2462
         Full 4 fighter L++ Maxed
   L++ Base Stats Training Maxed Points L++ Maxed LVL Stats
HP 2523 358 2881
ATK 2760 358 3118
DEF 3077 358 3435
SPD 2955 358 3313
         Full 8 fighter Fusion Max
   EP Base Stats Training Maxed Points EP Maxed LVL Stats
HP 3457 566 4023
ATK 3742 566 4308
DEF 4122 566 4688
SPD 3975 566 4541



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