• Lesetty

    Hello All, 

    I'm new to this blogging business and really I don't know what to say concerning this. I guess blogs are like public diaries in which you wish to share to others your thoughts versus writing it down and hiding it in a personal diary. Anyways I found Rage of the Immortals to be an interesting card battle type game and was wondering how to create a calculator table for SR, UR and L class fighters.

    As it turned out... I found it fairly easy to figure out their training figures and of course a lot of educated guess work; not to mention that all fusion is 20% of each stat of the current level of the fighter card that you are fusing your main fighter card with. Your main fighter card being the one on the left and the fusion target bein…

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  • Mazino1710

    Picture Name Rarity Level Number of copies
    Battle Ready 001
    1,1,1 3
    1,1 2
    1,1,1,1 4
    Jammin' Jimmy
    1,1,1 3
    1,1 2
    Kid Vicious
    1,1,1 3
    Master Rhodochros
    1,1,1,1,1,1,1 7
    1,1 2
    1,1,1,1 4
    Spitfire Sadie
    1,1,1,1,1,1 6
    1,1 2
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  • Mazino1710

    Picture Name Rarity Level Number of copies
    1 1
    1 1
    1 1
    60 1
    Jungle Creeper
    1 1
    1 1
    1 1
    1 1
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  • Mazino1710

    My Team

    August 8, 2014 by Mazino1710

    Hello everyone!!

    I'm new in this kind of stuff, so please tell me if I'm doing something wrong.

    In the game I'm level 76 (8 August 2014), with the name Mazino1710 and my team is: Garrote Wire Gabe (UR, 4-fighters way, Leader), Lars (UR, 4-fighters way), Hexemus (SR, Max Stats), Kenta (SR, 4-fighters way), Stone Hammer (UR+) and Bogart (R, Max Stats).

    I haven't a Legendary (yet), but I'm working on it.

    Add me if you want, code: HYN-NWZ-ZPX

    I have Faction too: Roti_towergod

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  • FRV-BRP-PZR Geronimo

    I started to play this game end of March.  During this time many things have changed. Because of this i cant give you a complete "How To"

    A few weeks ago the last area you can conquer was Resort Town, actuall all 2-3 weeks they open a new one , the maximum should be 35 Areas

    The amount of fighter you can earn in this areas have been increased.  In Connection with the fact that you need now less fighter to train your Fighter you can Level them nearly double so fast

    You must decide for yourself how often you Play. I dont know how it is now when you start but it should be unchanged, all 2 Hours your Energy is refilled from 0 to around 250. (At Lvl 50 you need 2 Hours to refill)  Now i am at LVL 89 and my energy bar needs 137 Minutes to refill to…

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  • FRV-BRP-PZR Geronimo

    Here my Levellist (Work in Progress)

    Name Copys Max Potential
    C Value C Days C Potential
    UC Value UC Days UC Potential
    R Value R Days R Potential
    SR Value SR Days SR Potential
    UR Value UR Days UR Potential
    Single 1 1 ***
    145 0,25 595
    225 0,5 930
    320 1 1265
    430 2 1600#
    520 3 2010
    + 2 3 ***
    270 0,25 595
    415 1,5 930
    580 3 1265
    735 6 1600#
    855 9 2010
    ++ 3 5 **+
    410 1,25
    620 1,5
    865 3
    1120# 6
    1350# 9

    ** 4 7 ***
    420 1,75 595
    650 3,5 930
    890 7 1265
    1170# 14 1600#
    1450# 21 2010
    --- 4 7 No
    565 1,75 No
    860 3,5 No
    1180 7 No
    1480 14 No
    1900 21 No
    -+- 5 9 No
    2,25 No
    4,5 No
    9 No
    18 No
    27 No
    +-+ 6 11 No
    2,75 No
    5,5 No
    11 No
    22 No
    33 No
    *-- 5 7 No
    1,75 No
    3,5 No
    7 No
    14 No
    21 No
    *+- 6 11 No
    2,75 No

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  • FRV-BRP-PZR Geronimo

    My Team

    June 19, 2014 by FRV-BRP-PZR Geronimo

    To see the table you must press "Read more"

    I startet at the Manos week

    I lost around 8 Maxed R´s trough the time by Levling Fighter with not enough copys, so Deleted accidentially my 4th copy of Witzig  when i Leveld him,

    I deleted over 20 SR because i dont want them in my team.

    All C,UC,R i spend in training

    I Buyed Cash for 8€ because i think its a fair price for the Game

    Yellow i work on

    Start Rarity Name 2nd Element Number of

    copys i want

    Number of

    copys i have

    Levels Days to go

    to Level Cards i have

    I want to train at Bad Against Usable Good Against Good Against Priority
    UC Master Jade X 4 4 Done Done Earth Temple
    UC Mirelda X 4 4 Done Done City of Strata
    UC Master Yong X 4 4 Done Done Fire Temple
    UC Miyu X 4 4 Done Done In…

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  • Bonaya


    June 18, 2014 by Bonaya

    This will be my game-status blog.

    Just started playing and taking a look at the interface of this game.

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  • FrosteeSnoman

    My Fighters

    June 11, 2014 by FrosteeSnoman

    Just for anyone who is interested in taking a look at the fighters that I currently have as of Wednesday, August 20, 2014. Bit of background info, I have been playing Rage of the Immortals since it's day of release (Epic Boss was Yomi) back when it was called War of Rivals/Elements of Fury, then went to Infinity Fighter, then to Fighting Fury, then to the Rage of the Immortals that we all play today. I had founded this wiki on my first day of playing the game and it has grown alongside the game very well. =]

    1. 4-fighter way Oflanagan
    2. 3-fighter way Katala

    Name Element Final Form Element Rarity Current Level Currently in Team




    Nia, Storm Prodigy


    Nia, Storm Prodigy












    Stone Hammer









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  • Tmacmac

    rare and UC

    May 29, 2014 by Tmacmac

    Today ik just paying alot to train my full UC team so they beacome really good.

    Im also Training Keeler to r++ hopefully he wil be worth it.

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  • SrdjaNNN

    Idea ! :)

    April 22, 2014 by SrdjaNNN

    Hello to all ROTI players,i have some ideas and i want to share with you.

    If someone of you guys can contact creators of ROTI and suggest them to create log in into game by email and password,because a lot of us will change their phones.or it's not working and must repair it,so system will be reistalled,and just lost all that,we spend to much time on farimng all that and we can lose it.So if they give us that we can just log in at other phone device or something.

    And one more thing,if we can sell fighters that we don't need,that will be awesome,I have about 100 fighters that i don't need.They should set different prices on figters selling price.

    I think that  this will help everyone :)

    Peace brothers,enjoy playing ROTI!!!

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  • FrosteeSnoman

    Hi all, I just thought it may be helpful for some newer players to read through this quick and simple guide on how to properly start off and do well!

    Start off by always using up energy to do the highest stage that you can. If you can't do a stage, do the one before it. Continue this until you are a few levels into the game. Don't worry about PvP Arena at all, and do Epic Boss but NEVER spend Cash on either for a while to come. It is not worth spending Cash to get only a few copies of Epic Boss, only use Cash if you are going for 7-8 copies (about 50+ defeats).

    Next farm up what I like to call the Big Six. These are all easily aquirable Uncommon fighters which should be levelled the 4-fighter way (explained later on).

    • Dr. Saiphon
    • Yuki
    • Master Jad…

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  • TotalFury

    Max Stats Calculation

    March 27, 2014 by TotalFury

    4-Fighter Base Stats UR To MUR MUR To UR+  UR+ To MUR+ MUR+ To UR++ UR++ To MUR++ MUR++ To LEG LEG To MLEG
    ATK 293


    707 1003 1136 1432 1633 1930
    SPD 292 588 706 1002 1134 1430 1631 1927
    HP 225 521 625 921 1042 1338 1524 1820
    DEF 169 465 558 854 965 1261 1434 1730

    8-Fighter Base Stats UR To MUR MUR To UR+  UR+ To MUR+ MUR+ To UR++ UR++ To MUR++ MUR++ To LEG LEG To MLEG
    ATK 293


    707 1003 1229 1525 2047 2343
    SPD 292 588 706 1002 1228 1524 2044 2340
    HP 225 521 625 921 1135 1431 1942 2238
    DEF 169 465 558 854 1058 1354 1858 2154

    % Gain Per Fusion For UR Fighters
    MUR To UR+  MUR+ To UR++ MUR++ To LEG
    ATK 20 22.6 34.2
    SPD 20 22.6


    HP 20 23.2 35.7
    DEF 20 23.9 37.2
    • The above tables show the difference in stats between the 4-fighter fusion formula and the 8-fighter f…

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  • Kuby101

     How to know someone is spamming or vandalizing. There are many Spams and Vandalizations  in the wiki world. Let's go over some to keep the info and the work of the contributers safe.Also, to keep this wiki "Clean". First , let's go over things that are legal to do on this site.Here are things we CAN do on this wiki.

    • Contribute, share your knowledge and facts with the wiki.
    • Express you opinion, whether you like the subject or not.(In a decent and desired way)                                                               
    • Be creative , make Blogs,Posts ,Threads .(must be appropriate .Cannot be anything to do with: Religion,Race,Nation,Politics,Harassment or attracting user/s)
    • Be active , help the wiki as much as you can.
    • Inspire or be inspired. …
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  • Kuby101

    Anti-Spam Service

    March 14, 2014 by Kuby101

    You will receive a badge when you clean up a certain amount of spams/vandals

    • For 5 spams/vandal cleanup = Regular badge
    • For 10 spams/vandal cleanup = Bronze badge
    • For 50 spams/vandal cleanup = Silver badge
    • For 75 spams/vandal cleanup = Gold badge
    • For 100 spams/vandal cleanup = ELITE badge

    Sign up below and start cleaning spams/vandals

    • Multiple friend codes on friend page from the same person (same with guild on guild page)===
    • Friend codes on guild page and vice versa
    • Friend codes/guild names on other pages

    • Intimidating behaviour/harassment
    • Swearing
    • Inappropriate comments
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  • Kuby101

    This text is stored on Wikia Community Central. Suggest changes here.

    [hide]#Local level

      1. Registered users
      2. Autoconfirmed users
      3. Emailconfirmed users
      4. Rollbackers
      5. Chat moderators
      6. Administrators
      7. Bureaucrats
      8. Founders
      9. Bots
      10. CheckUsers
    1. Global level
      1. VSTF
      2. Helpers
      3. Staff
      4. Utilities
      5. Wikia Stars
      6. Admin Mentors
      7. Authenticated
      8. Volunteer Developers
      9. Community Council
    2. How do you grant admin rights to another user?
    3. Why can't I give another user privileges?
    4. What can't blocked users do?
    5. How can I find different users?
    6. Can user rights messages be edited?

    All Wikia contributors have access to read and contribute to all of our wikis. A number of special user roles also exist on Wikia with advanced user rights, in order to help prevent spam and vandalism. Below is a description of these rights.


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  • Kuby101

    Profile Page Squad (PPS)

    March 14, 2014 by Kuby101

    Do you have a boring profile? Do you want it to turn it into a awesome profile? Are you greeting excessive vandals on you profile page and want to protect it? Then the P.P.S (Profile page squad) is right for you.

    The PPS is right for you if.. { if you meet one if the qualifications than it is for you}
    • If you want to change your old profile page into a cool one.
    • If you have excessive vandals on your profile page
    • If you want to protect it

    Note: You can only protect you Profile Page if you have a vandal history on your page of OTHER users. if this is not the case then it is violating the Wikia's terms of use

    Post here to request/join the PPS.

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