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Battle Ready 001
Battle ready 001 render


Rarity 1 super rare Super Rare
Final Form Rarity Ultra Rare
INF Cost 15
Elements Element SpiritElement Lightning
Nemesis None

Max Stats

Base Stats

HP Unknown HP 460
Attack Unknown Attack 479
Defence Unknown Defence 403
Speed Unknown Speed 497

Battle Ready 001 is a Super Rare fighter in Rage of the Immortals, and can be leveled up and placed in your team to fight alongside your others. To learn more about fighters see Fighters. To see a list of other Super Rare fighters see Super Rare. Battle Ready 001 can also be fused with another Battle Ready 001 to get a stronger version. Find out more about how fusing fighters works at the Fusion page.

How to ObtainEdit


  • Battle Ready 001 previously had an INF Cost of 9.
  • Battle Ready 001 is a Super Rare type sprit Armor
  • Battle Ready 001 is effective against earth types but ineffective against fire types
  • Battle Ready 001's final form rarity is lightning
  • Therefore, Battle Ready 001 is effective against water types but ineffective against earth types

Training Table: (give or take 1-3 points for margin of error)

   SR Base Stats Training Maxed Points SR Maxed LVL Stats
HP 460 492 952
ATK 479 492 971
DEF 403 492 895
SPD 497 492 989
         2 fighters
   SR + Base Stats Training Maxed Points SR+ Maxed LVL Stats
HP 1142 222 1364
ATK 1165 222 1387
DEF 1074 222 1296
SPD 1187 222 1409
         4 fighters
   SR++ Base Stats Training Maxed Points SR++ Maxed LVL Stats
HP 1637 222 1859
ATK 1665 222 1887
DEF 1555 222 1777
SPD 1691 222 1913
         8 fighters
   UR Base Stats Training Maxed Points UR Maxed LVL Stats
HP 2231 441 2672
ATK 2264 441 2705
DEF 2133 441 2574
SPD 2295 441 2736

7-fighter way (UR)
HP 2668
Attack 2701
Defence 2569
Speed 2732
Please note that this is not Battle Ready 001's total maximum stats, but the max stats for levelling Battle Ready 001 the 7-fighter way (UR) way.

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