Epic Boss
  Falce  Abasi  The Furious Fist  
Abasi render


Rarity 1 super rare Super Rare
Final Form Rarity Ultra Rare
INF Cost 20
Elements Element WaterElement Fire
Nemesis Kontar

Max Stats

Base Stats

HP 2717 HP 486
Attack 2601 Attack 419
Defence 2432 Defence 321
Speed 2567 Speed 399

Abasi is a Super Rare fighter in Rage of the Immortals, and can be leveled up and placed in your team to fight alongside your others. To learn more about fighters see Fighters. To see a list of other Super Rare fighters see Super Rare. Abasi can also be fused with another Abasi to get a stronger version. Find out more about how fusing fighters works at the Fusion page.

How to ObtainEdit


Abasi is the 35th Epic Boss, available to fight from the 17th to the 24th of September 2014. His nemesis is Kontar and quest was Ancient Power. 



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