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• 4/27/2014

Increasing chance on UR drops

What i have been experiencing so far, is that it looks like drop rates are connected for all the vans. So i just save some common keys and try opening them before going onto premium. If i have my "luck" i will get something cool from commons -> i am most likely getting something cool from premium keys.

Now, I am not 100% positive this is true, but so far worked me. Tried it only 3 times tho.

Used 1 common key, got Mikako [R] -> Got my first UR with premium key and some SR and R

Used 4 common keys and got 4 commons -> Got "just" 4 Rares from premium

Used 4 common keys, got 1 R, 2 UC, 1 C -> Used 4 premium keys, got Gwen and Chikara (probably 2 strongest characters in game lol, what a luck) + 1 SR and 1 R

Honestly, so far it seems like it might just work, but i still need to do some testing, because 3 times isnt enough. Just thought i would share this so others can try it aswell.

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• 4/27/2014

That's pretty interesting, but there is a X4 event active right now until April 28, so I'm not sure if you were testing during this duration and would it have mattered.

• 4/27/2014

Ye noticed that just now, the first 2 were out of the even for sure, the last i result i got probably during the event, so not really accurate :/. I guess i will wait for the event to end and try it then. Thanks for the notifiaction tho

• 4/28/2014
I just used up all my premium keys that I saved up from epic boss rewards over a few months.  I got 9 URs, and ton of SR so I think the odds are pretty high right now.  I just add a video to show my results.  
Rage of the Immortals Using 68 Premium Keys on a X4 Event-004:14

Rage of the Immortals Using 68 Premium Keys on a X4 Event-0

• 4/28/2014

Its a no brainer for a game constructor to supply a RNG that is fairly random. So I doubt that its anything but coincidence.

This would be a fairly known event, if it was true since they have the same system in Knights and Dragons (keys for armors) and most likely the exact same RNG.

I might ofc be wrong since I just base this on resoning and what I have experienced from playing this game for maybe 6 weeks and Knights and Dragons activly for maybe a year. But I doubt it.

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